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24 April 2013 @ 12:07 am
Shoes19 Spree #1 [OPEN]  
Shoes19 Spree #1
Quick spree, ordering by 25 April 2013

[[Strictly]] CAP: USD150*do state alt items
FREE ground shipping to VPostUSA (above $60)

spreee feedback [+150/1/-0]

(1) *Important* Do not post when you can’t make payment immediately.Sorry gals, I prefer a clean and fast spree :)
(2) Reply to your own post with your transaction number.
(3) Edit orders (only before payment); please repost a new one.
(4) No cancellation of orders / editing orders after payment. If unsure, don’t post.
(5) I will not be responsible for any damage of goods/wrong items sent by Shoes19 but on my part I will ensure my orders are correctly placed.
(6) I reserve the rights to decide to refund $ if Shoes19 rejects my credit card.
(7) First time organizing a spree from Shoes19. If you’re uncomfortable, pls do not join.

1.Website that you are ordering from: http://www.shoes19.com/

2.When you will stop taking orders
*USD150* check before posting (I'm ordering one pair)

3.Your email address

4.How spree participants should make payment to you
DBS Savings Plus 033-4-068265 (Use your LJ nick).

5.How you will distribute items
Normal postal/Registered Mail/AM Mail/Ta-Q-Bin. No self-collection. Leave a msg first if you have any queries :)

6.Exchange rate
USD 1 = SGD1.308

7.Shipping to VPostUSA and then to Singapore
Note: avoid super heavy shoes - shipping cost will be divided relative to weight
Take note: $0.50 handling cost for envelope, bubblewrap (if necessary) and stationeries etc. Only join if you're agreeable to this.

8.Format of order
Name/ LJ Nick:
Email Address:
(1) Item Name:
Alt if OOS (pls provide URL):
Price in SGD:

2) Item Name:
Alt if OOS (pls provide URL):
Price in USD:
Total Price in SGD:

*yay* happy shopping =)